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Background on Graphics Cards




Graphics cards have evolved from basic electronic circuits with a few 100 transistors, allowing alphanumeric characters to be displayed on a screen (green screen terminals of old) , into some of the most powerful computation systems the average person can lay their hands on. In the late nineties the processors started requiring heat sinking and cooling with fans due the density of the components and electrical power required to support the operation. Over time the circuits have shrunk, the power consumption has also reduced as the size has reduced. Today high-end graphics cards are using tiny circuitry the Nvidia GTX 1080 uses 16 nm technology to increase speed and lower power consumption. We however still need extreme cooling as graphics cards are always pushing the limits of what is currently possible. Long may it continue




Modern graphics cards process incredible amounts of information at fantastic speeds. Memory bandwidth can be as high as 800GB per second with 32GB of detail to work with and processing power as high as 110 Teraflops (110 000 000 000 000 calculations per second) . The eye processes at about 60fps so anything above that may not be noticed by the eye but still helps the mind make the perception more realistic as the real-life physics of matter is instant. The faster the processor can process the information, the more realistic the worlds can be rendered and displayed, creating the best possible experience for the person experiencing the cyber world. Designers attempt to lower the power consumption of the graphics cards processors so that more processing power can be packed into less space making it more efficient in the ongoing advance of graphics cards processor technologies. This progressive refinement is a requirement to fulfill the end users hunger for a better and more realist experience at the cutting edge of technology.




A new trend has emerged for a totally non-graphical use of graphics cards. Graphics cards have become so powerful in processing mathematical equations that they are now not only being used for graphics generation and physics computation in games and computer aided design and simulation but are now being used in the intense calculations required to compress blockchain transactions in the highly competitive world of crypto currency mining (bitcoin mining for example). While the computational ability of graphics cards increases and the number of investors mining crypto currencies increases, all the new and many of the old graphics cards cannot keep up the viability of mining as the mining system must automatically increase the computational difficulty of mining to compensate for the increase in the number and power of miners. This achieves a balance in the mining community between the number of people trying to mine and the value of mining. Today it is so intense that value of the amount of electrical power consumed to produce valuable mining is so high that often miners are just turning electricity into crypto currency and battle to make a profit without having the latest technology. Therefore, whomever can process blockchain transaction encryption and compression the fastest, using the least amount of power, will make the most money mining on blockchain fueling the growth of graphics cards sales and progress of the technology.  





There is a lot to cover when looking at graphics cards. For the gamer we are looking for the most realistic experience possible at a price that meets the budget. When the gamer makes a move, the scenery must react instantly. In the highly competitive world of online gaming, gamers need every edge they can get to be competitive. The angles, colours, textures, physics and framerate of the world all go to the realism of the experience always pushing the current graphics card to its limits. Games allow gamers to downscale effects, details and features to match the abilities of the current graphics cards. As the evolution of new games progress, the games require more power and RAM as a minimum to make them work. The difference between the experience for a gamer between an entry level graphics card that meets the minimum requirements for a game and a high-level graphics card with all the games features set to maximum can be as different and chalk and cheese or night and day. When building a system, gamers will put in the best graphics card their budget can manage. This is the reason exists, to enable the gamer to get the best experience possible for their budget with new graphics cards at the lowest possible prices and an extra 1-year warrantee (full 2-year warrantee). We provide a 1-year warrantee on pre-owned graphics cards which are continually becoming available to really stretch every cent of the budget.


Pre-owned graphics cards


The blockchain mining process requirement of graphics cards is driving the scarce availability of high-end graphics cards and at the same time pushing up the prices. On the other hand, hopefully, this will lead to a dumping of the same cards as newer better cards become available allowing the gamer to purchase pre-owned cards at good pricing. This allows for a better experience at the same budget with ’s in house 1-year warrantee on pre-owned graphics cards. For this reason, will trade in your existing working graphics cards.  An email with pictures and the description of the graphics card must be emailed to for us to give you a trade in value on the graphics card. The courier will be sent to collect the card after the client has confirmed their acceptance of the trade-in value of the graphics card. Once we have received the graphics card and successfully tested it to be in good condition we will EFT the funds to the client’s bank account or provide a discount coupon for use on another purchase.

New Technologies


With new technologies coming out such as 4K video and Virtual Reality the demands placed on the computational power of graphics cards is increasing. Technologies such as CUDA are helping leverage the power of the graphics cards for scientific and other programming applications. The graphics cards must do most of the mathematical calculating in real-time to be able to render a real-time experience during game play. Consider how much recalculation must take place to light each of the millions of pixels on the led panel on each side of a VR headset? The new GTX 2080 pushing this to the absolute limit with ray-tracing. Each one of the millions of individual pixels has its own unique calculation required of the graphics card to set the correct colour, hue and intensity with each one getting a slightly different angle of the action in each eye panel of virtual reality headsets. Ray-tracing then recalculating everything to add reflection and reflections of reflections subtle but realism the subconscious can sense and the eye notices when looking hard. It is said that this technology could influence the way maps of game worlds are designed as the reflections could give gamers an advantage over gamers who don’t have ray-tracing. Graphics card technology pushing games and games pushing graphics cards, the never-ending cycle of evolution in gameplay.


Awesomeness of Graphics Cards


While your self-styled character runs through a highly detailed world, looking around by using the game controller, taking in the scenery, changing the reflected light on every visible surface thereby again changing what is reflected the graphics card must instantly take everything into account to produce the most detailed images of plants, buildings, drops of rain, other characters’ faces. The mind boggles at what the real universe processes instantly and graphics cards try to copy while our brains process everything into our internal world view in around 150-500ms. Consider the reflection of a leaf blowing in the wind reflecting in a window through which you can see a body of clear water rippling with fish jumping. The graphics card will process all the reflections and movements simultaneously to give you a new picture in each eye 60 times in 1 second. To do this, little electrons are traveling along paths being switched in different directions by transistors (diodes really) at a size not visible even with a magnifying glass. These are collections of physical constructions made of exotic materials like Gallium and common molecules and elements such as silicon dioxide and copper, which mean the chips on graphics cards are some of the most complicated structures made by humans with 25 million transistors per square mm easily obtainable.


How to get your graphics card


Unbelievably you can get this awesome technology couriered to you now from and at the lowest prices possible. Decide on which cards you like by using our search function and then ordering by price and the information available. Add what you like to your cart. Find your checkout price by adding your voucher and delivery fee (free on orders over R500). As with most things in life the more you spend on the graphics card the better the graphics card is, we suggest buying the most expensive card your budget can afford while taking into account any specials we may have on offer. Please also remember to check out our pre-owned offers all with 1-year warantee. offers an extra 1-year warrantee in addition to the manufacturers warrantee of 1-year or more, meaning all our new graphics cards carry a minimum 2-year warrantee.


Who is who in the Zoo


There are two main manufacturers of graphics cards chips, Nvidia and AMD (also known as Ati). In our opinion, Nvidia leads the way in textures and speed vs power consumption with their latest Titan V chip they set the way forward. The choice is often a personal one though, based on budget and requirement but we find games played on Nvidia equipment have a less cartoon like feel than AMD solutions.



How to decide


We have given as much info as possible on each of the graphics cards sell and there is a wealth of information available on the internet. You can google reviews and opinions on the net. Our aim is to get you the experience you want at the best price and as fast as possible, wherever you are in South Africa. All of our new graphics cards carry an extra (additional to the manufacturer) year 1-year warrantee and we will beat any price for the same graphics card.


What else is there


Besides graphics cards, we also carry a range of excellent monitors and accessories. We are adding to our line and will soon include CPUs, RAM, gaming controllers and VR solutions. aims to be the go to place to buy graphics cards in South Africa, with the best price, service and guarantee. Please let us know if there is something you think we should be doing in addition to this, we are open to suggestions. Please feel free to write to us on our contact page